Product design

Efficient execution of a table stakes epic


The add logo epic had been in the backlog since before I arrived.  Adding a logo to a survey is table stakes.  That said, we  never picked up the epic till a client actually asked for it.


This was a very simple epic from a technical perspective.  However, figuring out how everything connected and where the touch points were proved mildly challenging.  Regardless, it was not in our best interest to spend any extra time or resources on this, so I shepherded the project through on my own.


  • Program staff
  • Data collection team
  • Beneficiaries

Socializing with developers

The first step was to show the developers how I thought the logo stories would fit in the current UI.  I made mockups in Sketch so they could see what I was thinking about.

Socializing ideas with developers

Selecting an image editor plugin

When I showed the mockups to the CTO he suggested that I look around the Bootstrap library for a good image editor plugin.

Bootstrap image editor

Q&A with dev team

Next I needed to work with the dev team to prep some of the stories in the backlog.  One of the things we discovered by reviewing stories was that not all the scenarios were covered and the logo actually appeared in more parts of the UI.  That said the epic would need more stories – eight to be concise.

Logo touch points

The end result

The end result was a clean insertion of the feature into the existing UI.  I got it done quickly and efficiently, and we did not waste any extra time or resources implementing a table stakes epic.

Add logo button in survey draft
Image editor customized to match our UI
Logo preview in draft version of survey
Logo in sample survey